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Lighting System

Vehicle Lighting

For years, head and back lighting has been decisive for any carīs personality and character.

Style evolution and technology development merge in lighting, driving designers towards more and more complex results.

HSL realized the importance of lights and projectors long ago, and decided to put them at the core of its business. That is why our design house accepts the any challenge from clients all over the world in this field. We are aware of our skills and abilities, but also of our limits.

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Head Lights

Headlights are among the most characterizing parts of any car. At the same time, they are crucial for safety and functionality.

We manufacture prototypes and pre-series prototypes, unique car-sets for show cars, low volume productions. In each product we pursue technical perfection and beauty.

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Back Lights

Back lights donīt only have a funtional role crutial for safety on the road. They are also fundamental for any carīs identity and design.

The attention for stylistic details turned them into parts full of technological and formal solutions.

HSL produces tricoloured lens; prototypes and pre-series prototypes through overmolding (sovrastampaggio) and skin moulding; unique car-sets for show cars and low volume productions.

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