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About us

Hic Sunt Leones

In ancient maps the African deserts were marked with the writing HSL. It was a Latin acronym meaning Hic Sunt Leones, Here are lions. This phrase denoted remote and uncharted territories, where only the bravest explorers dared go.

HSL doesn’t fear challenges, or the unknown.

Originally conceived as a rapid prototyping company, today HSL is a global design house, working in the automotive sector and in the fields of low-volume productions, lamp design and jewelry design via .exnovo and .bijouets brands.

HSL is at the forefront of innovation: from lighting for one-off and few-off cars to rapid prototyping, from advanced process validation services to product engineering, the company is already a leader in Italy, and wants to be a leader in Europe.
Hic Sunt Leones

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